In all aspects of our life we are surrounded by meaning. Sights, sounds, words, images, songs and symbols. All of these can represent something that has or has had some significance to someone at some time. Some of these meanings are well known to many and some are known only to a few and some meanings have passed into the shadows of time .

Green Grow the Rushes O is an example of a old folk song in which, at some point in the past, every line was understood by those who sang it. Now however, we can only attach a meaning to a few lines of the song and any significance in the rest of the lines can only be guessed at, either because we have lost the sense of the words or the line has become so corrupted over time that the original meaning is obscured to the extent that it means nothing to us now.

This site an attempt to capture some of these sights, sounds images and clues and where possible give them some context to preserve at least some of the meaning for the future.